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Motorcycles are, by nature, more vulnerable to accidents when compared to cars and trucks. It is a general tendency for other drivers to not acknowledge your rights on the road. It becomes a lot worse when you're in a motorcycle accident.


Don't let someone simply push the blame on you. With more than 30+ years of experience in legally representing motorcyclists in the Moundsville area, the professional attorneys at Kurelac Law Offices PLLC have a thorough understanding of the vulnerabilities you face as a motorcyclist and can help you get the right compensation and justice for your accident.

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The open structure of a motorcycle prevents it from being crash-worthy when compared to cars or trucks. We also know that a car or truck driver puts you at risk by failing to acknowledge your rights and causes an accident.


With our help, you can now easily file a suit to get fair compensation for your injuries, suffering and loss of wages. We’ll thoroughly investigate your accident to see if speeding or alcohol was involved and help you take the necessary steps.


The best part is that if we win you a settlement, we'll only charge 25%, which is a ridiculously low price when compared to the 33% to 55% that others charge.

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We're not in the business to simply make money. We care about your situation, which is why your initial consultation is FREE with us.


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  • FREE initial consultation

  • 25% fee for ALL personal injury settlements

  • No fee taken unless the personal injury claim is settled

  • Assistance with your insurer to protect your right for a full compensation payout

  • Representation for truck accident victims and drivers

  • Thorough understanding of motorcyclists’ vulnerabilities

We also perform legal services for:

• Personal injury

• Car accident

• Truck accident

• Motorcycle accident

• Criminal defense

• Bankruptcy

• Family law


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