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Sometimes, circumstances might stop you from paying your creditor on time. These circumstances, such as medical emergencies, loss of job or a divorce, can cause you to go through a bad financial crunch. In such cases, the creditors usually end up harassing you and seizing your property.


You don't have to fear anymore. With 30+ years of experience that the attorneys at Kurelac Law Offices PLLC have in helping the people of the Moundsville area in filing for bankruptcy, you can now retain your property and get credit again.

Stop creditor harassment with our bankruptcy services

We help expel common myths about bankruptcy

Most people don't file for bankruptcy because they think that doing so reduces their credit rating and is a dishonorable thing to do. This is definitely not the case.


You are filing for bankruptcy because of unavoidable circumstances. To help you keep your property and stop creditor harassment, we'll help you file for Chapter 7 bankruptcy. This will put a stop to:

• Creditor harassment

• Car repossessions

• Wage garnishments

• Bank levies

• License suspension

• Real estate liens

• Foreclosures

• Further legal action


Chapter 7 individual bankruptcy lets you have a fresh financial start with:

• Debt discharge

• Loss of non-exempt property

• Retained possession of personal and household items

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• Personal injury

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• Criminal defense

• Bankruptcy

• Family law

Save your property and assets with our bankruptcy service